Combination betting

In the case of a combination (short for combo) betting , it is not necessary for each of our tips to be a winner on our coupon in order to receive a prize. Obviously, the more tips turn green, the bigger the payout. Not to be confused with a combined (collective) bet, or a bet known in the… Continue reading Combination betting

Asian handicap

Similar to a smooth handicap bet is the Asian Handicap, which you are sure to find in the offerings of the largest offices (eg Unibet ). In many places, the acronym AH refers to such tips. There are several types in which you have to choose between two outcomes and in some cases your bet is split into two parts. It can… Continue reading Asian handicap

Other betting types

In addition to the basic ( Asian standard) and Asian handicap bet types, there are other options. These are usually adapted to the particular sport, so in the case of tennis, for example, we can bet on sets. In the following, we list some types of betting by sport and what they apply to. Tennis betting types The winner of the first set (First… Continue reading Other betting types

Standard bet

The offer of online bookmakers is quite large, with plenty of types of bets. We’ve collected most of these, so you have the opportunity to find out what they mean. Each office uses a different Hungarian wording, which is worth paying attention to. What does 1X2 mean? Many bookmakers use the 1X2 designation as an outcome for some betting markets. Here, 1… Continue reading Standard bet

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