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Fun on the Grill: A Review of Slots

Feeling overwhelmed by pressures at the office? Need a break from your routine? If that’s the case, you should check out Thrill to Grill from game developer NetEnt. The game sheet describes a “sizzling adventure to a tropical paradise” and the “heat of summer as a BBQ grill takes center stage,” making the tee-off seem quite cool. If the idea of cooking over a grill while relaxing on the beach appeals to you, then grab a steak or a portobello mushroom and meet me there.

When compared to other tropical paradises, Thrill to Grill doesn’t really stand out. Reasons for this include the fact that, from above, all you can see are rocks, sand, sea, and palm trees. I can’t say. It’s more barren than paradisiacal, like a deserted island where the only way to pass the time is to start talking to yourself or make up imaginary friends out of inanimate items. Even though it’s a rather specific reference, watching Thrill to Grill made me think of all the weird little creatures in The Larva Island Movie. In general, one’s initial reaction to Thrill to Grill was unimpressive, as though the grill desperately need more fuel.

The game grid for Thrill to Grill is spread out on the beach. It consists of 5 columns with 5 symbols in each. Its default return value of 96.05% is geared towards players who like low to medium volatility slots, and the game offers two additional RTP choices. Players may place wagers from 20 pence per spin up to £/€200, and a purchase option is available for those who would rather not engage in the first tutorial.

When matching pay symbols appear on at least three consecutive reels, starting from the far leftmost reel, players win in Thrill to Grill. The lowest paying combinations are the 9 through A card ranks, where a 5 OAK win pays out at a rate of 0.75 to 1.25 times the wager, and the highest paying combinations are the broccoli, aubergine, maize, ribs, and beef, where a 5 OAK win pays out at a rate of 2.5 to 10 times the wager. The addition of eyeballs to each dish not only gives them character, but also makes one feel bad about eating them. Wild symbols appear on reels 2, 3, and 4 in the regular game and during free spins, and they may replace any other pay symbol except the scatter.

Fun on the Grill: Slot Machine Options

The Thrill to Grill Collection feature, which includes free spins and a bonus buy option, may be triggered during both the base game and the free spins bonus game.

Catalogue Function

This function is always available in free games and can activate at any time during the main game. A three-reel, three-row collecting area is triggered in the center of the reels at the start of a collecting feature. For the duration of the feature, the collecting area will have a random symbol that will serve as the Grill emblem. This can be any icon in the standard set. At the beginning of the following spin, the grill symbols will either remain where they are or relocate somewhere in the collection area. When 5 or more Grill symbols land in the collection area during the main game, you’ll get a respin. The Collection feature concludes after the respin, during which the Grill symbols remain in the same positions they were in before. Collection settings are remembered alongside bet amounts.

Bonus Turns

Free games with the Collection feature always on are triggered by getting at least 5 scatter symbols anywhere on the reels. If a Grill icon appears in the bonus round’s collection area, the number of re-spins is reset to three. In the bonus round, the Grill cannot act as a substitute for any other symbol. These three functions may also activate at will:

No matter where it lands during free spins, the Expand symbol will be counted toward the collecting area.

During the Slap bonus round, a Grill icon without a multiplier will be selected. This Grill symbol, on the following spin, will consume all other Grill symbols in the collecting area, transforming into a Grill symbol with a multiplier equal to x1 plus the number of symbols absorbed, plus the multiplier of all absorbed Grill symbols with multipliers. Grill symbol combos that win are multiplied by a bonus.

The maximum number of free spins is increased to four till the game expires, and the spin counter is reset to four. During the bonus game, this symbol will only appear once.

Scatters are removed from the reels after the respin concludes and the free spins begin if both features are activated at the same time. If the scatters are the Grill symbol, then the respins will occur before the scatters leave the gathering area. When the respin is over, the free spins start.

Purchase Option

The free spins feature may be purchased for 60 times the initial wager if you’re really hungry. There is a 96.02% RTP if you do this.

Exciting Grilling: The Slots’ Decision

Once given some time to shine, Thrill to Grill improved significantly from its sluggish opening. And that may not be saying much, given how bad the initial impression was. Despite being covered in food items, the game gave off an unappealing vibe, and the “tropical paradise” appeared to be a desolate island where a bored person may go crazy. The statistics were little assistance, though they could be for gamers in the mood for a medium-volatile slot with a maximum win of 1,946 times the stake and an interest in perusing edibles.

Despite its limitations, Thrill to Grill has the potential to create memorable experiences when given the chance. The Collection function is a novel concept. Although the notion of sticky or roving wilds is not new, ordinary pay symbols almost never take on these roles. It’s interesting, but I can’t help but wish they were regular wild cards floating about, increasing my chances of winning. In any case, Thrill to Grill likely wouldn’t have been the same thing. Instead, it’s a little more daring while toning down the process’s inherent instability thanks to a greater variety of substances it may put into the Collection function.

Unfortunately, Thrill to Grill neither looks really good nor provides any particularly intense thrills during gameplay. Overall, it’s a worse performer with stats that are more appropriate for casual side betting than for high-stakes rocket rides. If it appeals to your fancy, go for it, but the Thrill to Grill won’t fill you up or make your mouth wet.

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