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Keno, which has been around since ancient China, can now be played at brick-and-mortar and virtual casinos all over the world, providing entertainment for countless punters. Despite the considerable edge that the house has, Keno nevertheless manages to captivate the audiences who are searching for a familiar and easy-to-understand game to relax with.

The Point of Fruit-Related Machines

To win in Keno, players mark as many of the potential numbers on a card as they can, hoping to match as many as possible after the numbers have been drawn.

Keno Strategy

Keno cards may be purchased at certain locations throughout the casino.

The numbers on a Keno card might range from one to eighty. Each participant must cross off as many as fifteen numbered spaces on their card. They are essentially predicting that these will be the winning numbers.

Afterward, the RNG picks twenty of the eighty numbers at random.

The casino’s Keno board will show you the winning numbers.

To ascertain if they won, players look to see if any of their numbers were drawn.

Usually, there is a time restriction on when players may collect their winnings, so they need to act quickly.


The principle of online Keno is the same as traditional land-based Keno, save for a few small modifications. There’s no need to travel to a separate booth when playing Keno because the ticket is shown digitally. The player must select the desired wager amount by clicking on the displayed values ($.50, $5, etc.). To choose their numbers, participants can either do so by selecting individual numbers, or they can click the Quick Pick button, which produces a random selection of (typically) 10 numbers. If a player accidentally clicks a number twice, they can unselect it by clicking the number again. Clicking the PLAY button causes a random number generator to select twenty numbers at random, which are subsequently highlighted on the player’s Keno card. Payouts for winning Keno combinations are handled mechanically. Players can play the same numbers again by pressing PLAY one more.

Multiple Keno Decks

The above-described “straight ticket” Keno card is just one such option. Different types of cards are available in casinos to keep things interesting and change the chances.

Among the most often played Keno cards are:

Wagering on more than one set? Consider purchasing a way ticket, which is typically less expensive than a straight ticket.

Players in Split Ticket write numbers on both sides of a card split down the middle. It’s more convenient, but the payouts are generally lesser, to play two games on a single ticket.

20 Spot Ticket – Players mark 20 locations and have up to 18 options to build winning combos on the ticket. If a player comes out with two, three, or seven matches, they win money; if they come out with four to six matches, they lose money.

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